Wade Jordan Theresa HarnischThe Wade Jordan Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a student that has recently faced a difficult situation in his or her life but has managed to overcome it.  This year the student that is receiving this award fits this description perfectly.  Throughout this year, depression was knocking on Tess Harnisch’s door; however, through her own therapy she found that her healing would come from within herself.  By consoling others, she started to feel hope and satisfaction, and it was just the type of treatment she needed.  In her essay she writes, “Helping others endure their daily conflicts and seeing the light ahead of them was what gave me purpose.”  Throughout this dark experience, she found her calling.  The “Little Therapist,” a nickname given to her by her own therapists, has decided to continue this path of helping others and pursue a degree in Psychology at VCU.  The Wade Jordan Memorial Scholarship is pleased to recognize Theresa Harnisch as this year’s recipient.

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