Matt Grohnke BrendaEarly in her high school career, Brenda Rodriguez was uncertain whether she would ever be able to graduate.  She contemplated dropping out and going to work because the obstacles to her success seemed too difficult to overcome.  But coming to Mountain View was life-changing because Brenda encountered teachers and counselors who believed in her and helped her believe in herself.  Ellen Fay, Brenda’s counselor, observed that “Brenda is extremely determined and a very hard worker. “  And Ms. Reamer shared that Brenda “always has a smile on her face and is eager to learn new things.”    Mrs. Carr identified her serious approach to her studies, her ability to work without supervision, and her ability to work well with others as some of her greatest strengths.    The change in Brenda’s belief about herself has allowed her to change the direction of her life.  Instead of dropping out of high school to work as an unskilled laborer, she will be attending Northern Virginia Community College to pursue a career related to photography and communications.

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