When Sara Mendez came to Mountain View in the fall of 2011, she had few English language skills.  Starting at the first level, she diligently applied herself to the tasks of learning English and attaining her high school diploma.   Ms. Reamer, Sara’s ESOL teacher, commented, “Sara is a rock star!  From level 1 to graduation in 4.5 years is almost unheard of in the county…. She is tenacious and self-driven.” In addition to her language skills, she learned to be an independent learner, to keep her goals in sight, and to have patience. Sara observed, “I know that…patience will help me a lot in the future because in this country we meet many people from other countries and different cultures.”  Sara’s teachers know she has the determination to succeed. Sara’s goal is to become a certified medical assistant and she will enroll in this program upon graduation. 

















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