Maybelle Recieves The Karen Doss: Family, Love and Respect Award

Karen Doss Mt view Maybelle QuirozIn Maybelle’s scholarship essay she wrote, ‘The moment I placed my navy blue flats onto the floors at Mountain View High School, I felt a sense of acceptance I never experienced in my base school.’  ‘In my life,’ she continued ‘I have experienced a frustrating past of personal setbacks and failures.  However, the friendliness and openness the staff and students contributed to a positive change in my life.”  At Mountain View the experience Maybelle wrote about and that Karen Doss felt is called Family, Love and Respect. It is what prompted my mother/wife to create this scholarship.

 Maybelle continued ‘The beautiful thing about struggling is how we overcome it and prove to be much stronger than we thought.  I believe that the people who go through the most are the ones who turn out to be the strongest and wisest.’  Mr. Hardy, Maybelle’s social studies teacher agrees, “Maybelle has come a long way from her first days in my class.  She is better and stronger for having dealt positively with adversity and personal crisis.  Her maturity and confidence are evident daily.”  This maturity grew in part from that acceptance she felt the first day at Mountain View.  Family, Love, Respect.


Congratulations Maybelle.



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