Madison Van Volkenburg recieves $2,000 scholarship


Her high school career included 3 previous schools, but her time at Mountain View enabled MADISON VAN VOLKENBURG to reflect on her past and take charge of her future. She came here with clear goals and a renewed confidence that the Mountain View Community would provide her the support and independence she needed to achieve these goals. Maddie took charge of her personal priorities and quickly became a consistently active participant in the school and local community. She modeled good citizenship through service with a positive attitude.

When Maddie was presented with the option to become part of Mountain View’s service learning project, she led the way. In a budding service partnership with Centreville Elementary School Maddie did not hesitate to volunteer. On several occasions Maddie ended her day by driving to Centreville Elementary School and picking up food for delivery to a local Fairfax homeless shelter. She encouraged others to participate through the use of her strong and direct voice in the classroom as well as on The Mountain View Mirror. Maddie is confident about her future because she enthusiastically accepted the present challenges and opportunities offered to her at Mountain View.