Kayla Richards receives Terry Studt Memorial Scholarship


KAYLA RICHARDS learned at Mountain View that a helping hand can make a difference in a person’s life.   Before Mountain View, Kayla was always on the verge of giving up. But as AP Gary Morris observed, “instead, she made adult decisions to find alternative options to ensure that not only would she complete her high school education, but also do it with class, to the best of her ability.” This type of resilience was evident in the way she tackled her Algebra 2 class. When Mrs. Hoffman asked her to trust that she could learn the material, she gave her trust and her hard work to the learning process.   Outside of school, Kayla has had to deal with family medical issues as well her own recovery from a car accident injury.   Today as she approaches graduation, Kayla has decided that helping others is her calling. Kayla will use this scholarship to attend NOVA at the Springfield Medical Campus and study Health Information Technology.

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