Karla Bolonos Mejia receives Kris Hall Memorial Scholarship

KARLA BOLONOS MEJIA remembers the day she arrived in the United States. She had mixed feelings, a sense of loss for the people and things she had left behind, but somewhat excited about the “whole new life” ahead of her. Her first day at Westfield High School was the scariest of her life. She completely forgot the few practiced English phrases her sister had tried to teach her. She was terrified – she was an ESOL student. Now when she looks back on those days and sees how much she has learned, accomplished and overcome – she feels awesome – and thanks all her ESOL teachers who lived the journey with her, cheering her on and lending support. Today she is proud to be bilingual, and ready to take the next step to NVCC and study Business and Marketing. She is fully aware of the benefit of being able to speak two languages in today’s world. I am proud to be able to award her this scholarship honoring Kris Hall, Mountain View’s first ESOL department chair.

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