Karen Doss: Family, Love and Respect Award, presented by Karen’s sister, Jody Stokely

The first Family, Love and Respect Scholarship goes to Jose Lopez.

Last summer Jose realized his procrastination, when it came to school, had adversely affected his chance to graduate with his class. He described himself, at that time, as one who didn’t stress over school and just wanted to “take it easy.” Not graduating with his class made him realize that’s not what real life’s about. September found him enrolled in Mountain View. His thoughts as he entered the school for the first time were that he was entering a building filled with people he had no wish to associate with.

It didn’t take him long to recognize how wrong he was. At Mountain View he found a staff and teachers who, in his words, “genuinely cared for me as a person and helped me find my drive to succeed.” He had a government teacher who showed him respect and who Jose deeply respected as well. He earned Honors credit in English and was encourage by his English teacher to continue writing fiction, “the worlds of his own creation.” Jose writes in his scholarship essay he is now ready to “forge my own outcome . . . no matter if good or bad, I’m moving forward with my head held high.” Family, Love and Respect.
Congratulations Jose!

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