Jose Rodriguez Rodriguez Recieves Mountain View High School Foundation Scholarships

Foundation jose RodriguezJose Rodriguez Rodriguez shared in his scholarship essay that the main reason he came to school was because his mother made him!  Jose didn’t like school because he did not like his teachers and thought they were always wrong and he was always right. Despite these feelings, he still dreamed of someday graduating from high school.  He just didn’t want to work to make that dream a reality.  When Jose got his first job he loved the idea of getting a paycheck.  Soon that seemed more important than school and so he dropped out .  Jose’s transformation  began when he realized that dropping out of school was a mistake, so he re-enrolled. He recalled many teachers saying to him “you only get out of something what you put into it”.  Those words were finally making sense to him.  It took 6 years for Jose to earn his high school diploma. Jose says that now he knows that one of the keys to success is simply not giving up. Ms. Fay, Jose’s counselor said that Jose did more than just get his diploma, he grew up. Ms. Carr one of Jose’s English teachers said when Jose could not come to school because of work he would work independently on lessons from home.  His final obstacle to graduation was the SOL Reading test. And he passed it!  Jose has a son who is just about one year old.  He is the pride and joy of Jose’s life.  Now Jose has given his son the best gift of all-a father with a high school diploma. Jose is currently working in the construction industry.  He would like to use his scholarship to help get certified in operating heavy equipment vehicles.  Beyond that he would like to take courses in Construction Management.



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