Douglas Samukai recieves Jessica Farthing Memorial Scholarship

Douglas samukai

A scholar is defined as ‘a learned or erudite person, especially one who has a profound knowledge of a particular subject.’ Douglas Samukai fits this definition. The preparation and hard work he invests into his learning process is evident in his performance across all subjects. He shows a lot of initiative and his self-motivation constantly pushes him to do his best. He is the only person to get a pass advanced on the Algebra 1 SOL over the past 2 years; he also received a 600 on the Algebra 2 SOL, and an almost perfect 598 on his World History SOL. In his scholarship essay, he wrote “Hard work and preparation produces excellent performance…the more you work at something, the better you become at doing it.” Great lessons for a future civil engineer. The Farthing Family is pleased to present  him with Jessica’s scholarship.

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