Jamie Frear, a Mountain View alum and scholarship winner

Jamie Frear is one of Mountain View High School’s greatest success stories. She received four scholarships from: Apple Credit Union Education Foundation ($4,000), Jessica Farthing Memorial ($2,750), Erin Peterson Fund ($1,000), and Jaeschke Family Book Scholarship ($400).

  “I had always dreamed of becoming a teacher but was unsure if furthering my education after graduation would be financially possible. As I was struggling to provide my daughter’s basic needs, my dream of becoming a teacher began to fade.  Fortunately, Mrs. DeBragga wouldn’t let it go.  She told me that I was going to college in the fall of 2013.  Insisting that money was available, whether in the form of loans, grants, or scholarships, she assured me that we would figure out a plan together. At the awards ceremony in June 2013, I was shocked to receive over $8,000 in scholarships.  Words cannot express my gratitude for Mountain View and the scholarship donors for helping me on my journey.” – Jamie Frear

One of Jamie’s most influential teachers was Mrs. Culik,Jamie was a student of mine for a year before she became my nanny/babysitter.  She was a great role model for the other students.  She was extremely hardworking, did everything I asked her too with a positive attitude, and was well-liked by her peers.  Jamie received the School Board Character Award for all of Fairfax County Public Schools the year she graduated.  Jamie has continued to excel in academics.  She is now working on her Early Childhood Education Degree at George Mason University, and she did an internship at Mountain View last year. 



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