One of the themes running through Jada Jones’s scholarship essay was community. Community at Mountain View for Jada meant being a contributing member of the Mountain View Girls Club, and a representative for the Student Congress.  Girls Club gave her the opportunity to listen, be heard and give back.  “Student Congress,” she wrote in her scholarship essay “…makes the community of our school better, because it’s not just about the administration’s opinions…(but) also about what (we can do) to enhance students’ learning.” Her high school years have not been easy, personally or academically, but the community she found here helped her achieve significant growth over the past two years.  One of her teachers describes her as “a fighter, a survivor…strong-willed and persistent…refusing to give up on herself and the life she wants for herself.”   Wade Jordan was a significant part of the community at Mountain View and appreciated students who could acknowledge and benefit from the sense of community at Mountain View.  The Jordan Family is pleased to present Jada with the Wade Jordan Scholarship.


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