Eric Schulte


Eric Schulte, Class of 2007

A June 2007 graduate of Mountain View and recipient of the Centreville Community Foundation Scholarship through Mountain View High School Foundation, Inc., Eric Schulte went on to attend Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana. Eric also represented the Mountain View family and Rose-Hulman IT abroad when studying 11 months in Stuttgart, Germany his junior year.

Eric received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, with double minors in German and Computer Science, and a Technical Translator’s Certificate.

Reflecting on his time at Mountain View, Mr. Schulte says “brings much emotion and joy.”

“I enjoyed the tight-knit family feel of the school, and that was what drove me to attend a small, private, engineering school, Rose-Hulman.”

Summing up his experience at Mountain View, Eric admits, is “a rather tall order.”

“Perhaps one message that propelled me through my troubles in high school and beyond, to where I am today, is a W. Clement Stone quotation: ‘Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying.’

“Knowing and trusting in yourself can help you conquer seemingly insurmountable goals.”

Eric is currently employment with Texas Instruments in Dallas, Texas.