Elizabeth Scarcella receives Norbert D. Grabowski Good Citizen Scholarship


When ELIZABETH SCARCELLA makes a commitment to serve, she does so whole-heartedly. Five years ago, she started as a religious education teacher for pre-schoolers at Saint John Neumann Church because her mother asked for her help. But even after her mother passed away, she chose to remain in her role and take on additional responsibilities. Last year, she became the head teacher in charge of lesson planning and securing teaching materials.   At times she has sacrificed her social life so she could be up early on Sunday morning; but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She loves working with children. She also shows this type of dedication in the Mountain View community. Elizabeth’s chemistry teacher observed her consistently working with a fellow student on the math calculations needed to get through a challenging unit of study.   In her other classes, she also helps foster a cooperative atmosphere of team work.   Elizabeth has already been admitted and taken her entrance exams for Northern Virginia Community College.   She will begin her studies this fall and we know she will continue to contribute her talents and dedication there. She truly embodies the spirit of a good citizen of her school and her community, making her an outstanding recipient for this scholarship.

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