Dibora Eshete receives Art Steffen Memorial Scholarship

Dibora Eshete receives the first Art Steffen Memorial Citizenship Scholarship at Mountain View High School’s mid-year graduation awards ceremony. (From left) Art Steffen’s social studies department colleague at Mountain View Catherine Collins, Dibora Eshete, Bev Steffen and Mackenzie Steffen.

Dibora Eshete believes Mountain View has contributed greatly to her “resolution to succeed.”  The resources provided here, most especially the teachers who work so hard to assist and encourage their students, taught her that goals can be accomplished and obstacles overcome.  It was the teachers who sometimes behaved like parents who made her understand the importance of investing in the lives of others.  Dibora embodies our motto of “Family, Love, and Respect.”  She often engaged in small acts of kindness on behalf of her fellow students.  As a native speaker of Amharic and a successful English language learner, she helped level 1 ESOL students by providing translation services.  Dibora would often bring her classmates into the Career Center to encourage them to sign up for programs and work on their plans for life after high school. Her desire to help extends to her own career plans.  After completing a biology degree at NOVA, she hopes to transfer to University of Virginia to study Public Health Administration. “After I finish,” Dibora explained in her scholarship essay,” I will go back to my home country and help people who are suffering from different diseases.”  As Mr. Todd observes, Dibora has been a superstar at Mountain View.  We believe she will continue to shine as she begins the next step in her education.

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