Daniel Winters


Daniel is currently working as a Multimedia Production Specialist for Fairfax County Public Schools (the least likely place you would expect for me to work if you knew me prior to attending Mountain View). I earned an Associate Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Visual Communication, a Bachelors Degree of Visual Communication with a concentration in Digital Design, become a certified Personal Fitness Trainer, and am currently enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography’s distance learning program to become a certified Professional Photographer. By aggressively pursuing my education, I have also been able to open my own freelance businesses for graphic design and photography:

www.dwintersphotography.com andwww.dwintersdesign.com.
I am still located in Fairfax County for the time being.

Mountain View taught me to value my education. Unlike traditional high schools, Mountain View gave up all of the overbearing restrictions and controls to give students the freedom and comfort to learn. Teachers were primarily focused on helping students become successful.

I also learned something about people. Well, I guess that is a little unfair… I learned something about human nature… Still pretty unfair… I learned something about the nature of some very rare and special people. There we go!

After attending a traditional high school where the teachers seem to be cold towards most of their students, I found Mountain View to be an absolute shock. Teachers actively sought out a school in which they could change and enhance students’ lives. High school already seems to have been so long ago, but unlike students from a traditional high school, I take my high school experience with me where ever I go and keep it close to my heart. I truly feel that without the faculty and staff of the Class of 2005, I may have been lost to a life of dissatisfaction.