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Eric Schulte


Eric Schulte, Class of 2007

A June 2007 graduate of Mountain View and recipient of the Centreville Community Foundation Scholarship through Mountain View High School Foundation, Inc., Eric Schulte went on to attend Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana. Eric also represented the Mountain View family and Rose-Hulman IT abroad when studying 11 months in Stuttgart, Germany his junior year.

Eric received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, with double minors in German and Computer Science, and a Technical Translator’s Certificate.

Reflecting on his time at Mountain View, Mr. Schulte says “brings much emotion and joy.”

“I enjoyed the tight-knit family feel of the school, and that was what drove me to attend a small, private, engineering school, Rose-Hulman.”

Summing up his experience at Mountain View, Eric admits, is “a rather tall order.”

“Perhaps one message that propelled me through my troubles in high school and beyond, to where I am today, is a W. Clement Stone quotation: ‘Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying.’

“Knowing and trusting in yourself can help you conquer seemingly insurmountable goals.”

Eric is currently employment with Texas Instruments in Dallas, Texas.

Daniel Winters


Daniel is currently working as a Multimedia Production Specialist for Fairfax County Public Schools (the least likely place you would expect for me to work if you knew me prior to attending Mountain View). I earned an Associate Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Visual Communication, a Bachelors Degree of Visual Communication with a concentration in Digital Design, become a certified Personal Fitness Trainer, and am currently enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography’s distance learning program to become a certified Professional Photographer. By aggressively pursuing my education, I have also been able to open my own freelance businesses for graphic design and photography:
I am still located in Fairfax County for the time being.

Mountain View taught me to value my education. Unlike traditional high schools, Mountain View gave up all of the overbearing restrictions and controls to give students the freedom and comfort to learn. Teachers were primarily focused on helping students become successful.

I also learned something about people. Well, I guess that is a little unfair… I learned something about human nature… Still pretty unfair… I learned something about the nature of some very rare and special people. There we go!

After attending a traditional high school where the teachers seem to be cold towards most of their students, I found Mountain View to be an absolute shock. Teachers actively sought out a school in which they could change and enhance students’ lives. High school already seems to have been so long ago, but unlike students from a traditional high school, I take my high school experience with me where ever I go and keep it close to my heart. I truly feel that without the faculty and staff of the Class of 2005, I may have been lost to a life of dissatisfaction.

Christopher Thuot


Congratulations to Christopher Thuot (Mountain View Class of 2009), a United States Marine, who grew up in Virginia Run in Centreville, VA and was recently selected as the Marine of the Quarter for Marine Operational Test and Evaluation Squadron 22, located in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Lance Corporal Thuot, a MV-22 Osprey Airframes Mechanic, was nominated for this honor due to his superior job proficiency, work ethic, maturity and sustained performance. He competed in a competition against several of his peers and was evaluated on his basic military subject knowledge, personal appearance and military presence. As a result of his selection, Lance Corporal Thuot will receive a Certificate of Commendation from the Commanding Officer, a Certificate of Achievement from the Noncommissioned Officers Association and Marine Corps Association as well as a book, commemorative plaque and a 72 hour pass. Lance Corporal Thuot is the son of Pierre and Cheryl Thuot and the brother of Danielle Thuot.

Caroline Chrisinger


Caroline Chrisinger, Class of 2008

Caroline accepted her first teaching position with Fairfax County Public Schools at Deer Park Elementary!

She received her Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Studies with a concentration in Elementary Education, and a double minor in Childhood Studies and Mild Disabilities. Graduating Magna Cum Laude from George Mason University in Dec 2012, Caroline went on to receive her Master’s in Special Education in May of 2014 from George Mason University.

Caroline also plans on getting her certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). She wants to be able to use ABA therapy with children with autism or pervasive development disorder-not other specified (PDD-NOS) also in her teaching career.

Caroline has been substitute teaching at Mountain View High School which she thoroughly enjoys. She says, “I hope to demonstrate to these students that it is possible to achieve higher education by sharing my story with them. I was once a student sitting in those chairs wondering if I even wanted to go to college. I have conversations discussing with these students that it will be worth their extra time and effort to continue their education. I inform students that I started at Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC), and received my associates there before moving on to GMU. I explain to them that I received the VFW Post 5412 Scholarship from Mountain View, and each of them can also receive scholarships if they just apply themselves.”

Reflecting on my time at Mountain View High School, Ms. Chrisinger says, “It brings back wonderful memories that I made with the staff, the teachers, and my classmates and ones that I will treasure for a lifetime.”

This school was a great stepping stone for me and helped me discover that I wanted to become a special education teacher. A few particular teachers that I observed while attending Mountain View High School demonstrated such great passion, love, and patience while working with their students that they inspired me to continue my education. You don’t see these types of qualities in teachers everywhere, and it was a privilege to be able to attend Mountain View.

Lauren Kirby Presents Resume Writing and Job Interview/Application Workshop

On Friday, April 25th students enrolled in Mountain View High School elective classes and Job Club participants attended The Application/Interview and Resume Workshop from 10:20am – 11:40am featuring  Lauren Kirby, President of TurnAround, LLC and Philanthropist .  Lauren discussed the importance of hard skills, soft skills, researching information about the company prior to the interview, preparing ahead of time for the interview by practicing questions, and making a professional impression during the entire job search process.  Most importantly she shared tips on how to market yourself in a resume with her very own BROCHURE Concept where the job seeker is attempting to sell themselves as the perfect candidate to the employer.  Lauren’s bottom line is “Do not underestimate the role your resume plays” in the hiring process.  For more information on this workshop and/or to receive copies of her materials or for help with your resume, visit the Career Center in Room 16.

Brenda Arevalo

Brenda Arevalo, February 2014

A new ‘Dental Assistant To Be’ with NO DEBT!

Brenda was awarded a Mountain View High School Foundation Scholarship that is being sent to Metropolitan Institute of Health and Technology.

In October, Brenda will begin coursework to become a Dental Assistant and in her own words… “I want to inform you that I applied for their scholarship and I got it ☺ That means that I won’t pay anything. I’m so blessed, thank you MountainView…”