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Aury Ramos has always had the dream to finish high school and go to college.  When she was orphaned in third grade, she thought those dreams would only be a fantasy. With the help of a very supportive aunt, she continued to study, came to the United States and then to Mountain View.  At Mountain View she felt welcomed and she felt comfortable enough to talk to any staff member in the school.  In her essay she wrote, “This school taught me to build trust in myself and never give up in any circumstance.”  As a young mother she realized that her daughter is her main motivation.  She wants to show her daughter that she never stopped studying in spite of all those obstacles.  She wants to inspire her to work hard for her goals and that dreams are attainable through hard work

Sara Bedwell receives Mountain View Book Scholarship



Sara wrote her essay about Mitch Albom’s The Five People You Meet in Heaven, which tells the story of Eddie, a man who dies and whose earthly life is then explained to him by five very different people. The first person Eddie meets reveals to him that one thoughtless action he took as a young boy had an unintended but devastating impact on someone else. Reading this story has encouraged Sara to think before she acts and to consider the many possible consequences of her actions.



Evelin Clavel Receives Mountain View Book Scholarship

Evelin wrote about the book Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles. One of the two main characters, Alejandro, overcomes great odds to pursue his dream of going to college and changing the course of his life. Evelin can identify with facing great obstacles in pursuit of a dream, but reading about Alejandro’s situation has put her own struggles into perspective and has inspired her to persevere.


STEM scholarship Covin

Covin Davis has developed into an outstanding young man both in word and in action.  He comes to class prepared every day and the quality of his work is outstanding.  He assists his fellow students when they struggle with assignments, and he is a leader during classroom discussions.  While deliberating controversial issues in government class, he listens to other students and is empathetic to their points of view even when he disagrees with them.  In Art class, he was a curious and creative student earning an Honorable Mention in the Scholastics Arts Competition. He also spent his free periods assisting his teacher and other students in the presentation of their work for the Scholastics Art Competition.  He has been absolutely indispensable to his Art teacher.  Mr. Johnson calls Covin the most gifted English student we had this year.  He challenged himself in books and essays and completed far more than the requirements.  He has led by example and is looked up to by many students.  He has been committed to succeeding and turning his life around every minute he has been here. 


Erfan Mozzaffarivala receives the the Karen Doss Family, Love and Respect Scholarship

Family Love Respect Erfan

Erfan is an impressive young man who accomplished much while at Mountain View.  Although he was distracted for a time, he is firmly back on the path to success.  Part of getting back on track included becoming an editor of the Mountain View Mirror and a founding associate of the Mountain View Media Lab.  Providing tutoring to chemistry students on his own time was yet another indication of his commitment to that change and his willingness to give back.

In his scholarship essay Erfan wrote, “It was because of this wonderful school that I had the chance to take a second look at my life, where I was, where I wanted to be, and where I was actually going.  It was then that I decided it’s time to grow up and pursue my dreams and stop at nothing until I’ve achieved them no matter how bumpy the ride might be.” 

Congratulations on all that you have and will accomplished. 

Karsyn Casey Receives New Directions Scholarship

New Directions Scholarship

In Karsyn’s scholarship essay she explained that a year ago “things started to go downhill pretty quickly.   My attendance became atrocious, and my grades were falling rapidly.  I eventually stopped coming to school.”   With consistent support from the Mountain View staff Karsyn was able to work out some solutions that allowed her to get back to her studies.  Karsyn’s English teachers were impressed with her abilities.  Mrs. Carr describes Karsyn as, “wicked smart and a voracious reader.  She produced beautifully written papers and created thorough, thoughtful book projects.”  Miss Reamer wrote, “Karsyn’s natural intelligence and curiosity helped drive class discussions and her generosity (she often brought a giant bag of Worther’s candy to share with everyone) helped establish a sense of community among her peers.”

Bridget O’Boyle Receives Centreville Presbyterian Church Community Service Scholarship

Presbyterian Church Scholarship Bridget\

Bridget O’Boyle wrote in her essay, “Throughout my life I have always been involved in volunteering in my community of Reston.  I have volunteered in many different projects.  I have worked in a watershed project where the goal is to keep our lakes and streams clear for wildlife.  I have participated in the Relay for Life, to help raise money for Breast Cancer Research.  I have volunteered as a childcare assistant, a teacher’s assistant and a clerical assistant. Through these various volunteer experiences I have learned leadership skills, flexibility in working with others and the value of service to the community.  Volunteering has allowed me to grow immensely as a person.  I will continue to participate in volunteer opportunities the rest of my life.”

 Bridget is leaving for China right after graduation were she’ll teach English.

 She’ll return in four months in time to start college.

Reynaldo Gonzalez Martinez Receives Jessica Farthing Memorial Scholarship



Reynaldo Gonzalez Martinez truly cares about learning. He has shown this in ALL of the 25 courses he has completed over the last 3 ½ years. Reynaldo came to Mt. View as a level 2 ESOL student with no high school credits. He had been out of school for 10 years. He was basically on his own in the United States and completely self-driven to get his education. He was an overwhelming success! He has earned 12 academic awards while at Mt. View and was selected as a student representative to the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council. He earned a 3.63 grade point average and plans on studying auto mechanics at Northern Virginia Community College. He is also a true gentlemen and a very deserving winner of the Farthing family’s academic scholarship.   

William DaCosta Receives Art Steffen Memorial Scholarship

Art Steffan Scholarship William Decosta

William DaCosta is an extremely cooperative and polite young man who was a solid A/B student at Mt. View.  He managed to complete five courses in one semester, including both Information Systems and Advance Information Systems. Ms. Rock, his teacher, says that William “was adamant about taking the advanced class to increase his computer software knowledge”. Ms. Rock adds that William is a great young man with a lot of potential to be successful in college. William will be continuing his education at Northern Virginia Community College.


Herndon Rotary Club Scholarship Reynaldo

Working 40 hours a week, school in the morning, work in the evening and double shifts on Saturday and Sunday didn’t leave much time for anything else, but Reynaldo Gonzalez wanted to give back to the school he believed had given him so much.  Lessons about persistence, accepting challenge, and hard work were just part of the education he received here.  Rey also learned his strengths and weaknesses, his love of math and his challenge with History.  Enjoying math and doing well provided him with one avenue to give back by tutoring fellow students who couldn’t count math among their strengths.  Being selected for the Mountain View Student Congress provided another way.  Student Congress representatives met regularly to confer and collaborate on issues involving the school.  Students not only helped identify the issues but worked with administration on solutions.  Rey understood the important role he could play in this forum to make the school a better place for everyone.  His counselor said he was one of best scholarship candidates he had had.  The Herndon Rotary applauds Rey’s commitment to his school and fellow students and is happy to award him this scholarship.