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Jamie Frear, a Mountain View alum and scholarship winner

Jamie Frear is one of Mountain View High School’s greatest success stories. She received four scholarships from: Apple Credit Union Education Foundation ($4,000), Jessica Farthing Memorial ($2,750), Erin Peterson Fund ($1,000), and Jaeschke Family Book Scholarship ($400).

  “I had always dreamed of becoming a teacher but was unsure if furthering my education after graduation would be financially possible. As I was struggling to provide my daughter’s basic needs, my dream of becoming a teacher began to fade.  Fortunately, Mrs. DeBragga wouldn’t let it go.  She told me that I was going to college in the fall of 2013.  Insisting that money was available, whether in the form of loans, grants, or scholarships, she assured me that we would figure out a plan together. At the awards ceremony in June 2013, I was shocked to receive over $8,000 in scholarships.  Words cannot express my gratitude for Mountain View and the scholarship donors for helping me on my journey.” – Jamie Frear

One of Jamie’s most influential teachers was Mrs. Culik,Jamie was a student of mine for a year before she became my nanny/babysitter.  She was a great role model for the other students.  She was extremely hardworking, did everything I asked her too with a positive attitude, and was well-liked by her peers.  Jamie received the School Board Character Award for all of Fairfax County Public Schools the year she graduated.  Jamie has continued to excel in academics.  She is now working on her Early Childhood Education Degree at George Mason University, and she did an internship at Mountain View last year. 



Madonna Gadelseed received Rotary Herndon CC & the CPC Scholarship

DSC_0110Madonna Gadelseed graduated in the Spring of 2016. Currently, she is continuing her education at the Northern Virginia Community College campus in Manassas, Virginia.

Madonna received two scholarships. The Rotary Club of Herndon gave her $2,000  scholarship, and the Centreville Presbyterian Church Community Service awarded  her a $1,750 scholarship.

With these two scholarships she was able to pursue her interest in bio-science at NOVA. The scholarships covered her first two semesters in college. She is very appreciative of the Mountain View staff and teachers because they gave her hope, and “changed her life completely,” she says. One main person that impacted her life was her guidance counselor, Mr. Todd, who said, “Madonna just had a genuine interest in learning and that’s why she perused the dental program at Chantilly High.  And I believe that’s why she will continue to do well in college.”


Norbert Assim Shammo


Insightful, passionate, and caring are the words that teachers use to describe Assim Shammo.  During his childhood in Iraq and Syria, Assim and his family experienced religious and political persecution as members of the Ezidi faith.   After immigrating to the United States in 2010, Assim embraced living in a country where peace and freedom existed and developed a passion for helping other Ezidi affected by political and religious attacks.    In 2014, when 200,000 Ezidis were forced to flee their homes for the Syria/ Iraq border, Assim felt he needed to contribute to their rescue.  Working with the American Ezidi Center, he and his family lobbied Congress and the National Security Advisor’s Office to provide assistance for the people who were stranded on Mount Sinjar.   With knowledge of the terrain of Northern Iraq, Assim helped identify possible drop spots for food and medical supplies.  As a winner of the Student Peace Awards of Fairfax County in March 2015, Assim embodies the true meaning of service and good citizenship.  We know that Assim will use this scholarship to educate himself so he can chart his career in dedication to ensuring tolerance and peace.

Cindy Montoya Receives Mountain View Book Scholarship

Cindy Montoya Ramos

Cindy wrote her essay about the book Everyday by David Levithan, which tells the story of a soul who wakes up every morning and lives each day in a different person’s body. Cindy says that reading this book made her think about just how differently people experience the world and live their lives. It also made her grateful for her own body, her own life, and the opportunity to make each day count.


parent comunity DeysiDeysi Rivas is a student with many dreams.  When she discovered she was pregnant, she thought she would have to let go of those dreams.  What she found, after 2 years of parenting her son Ryan, is that having a child has increased her motivation to succeed.  “Being a teen parent has taught me that in order to give my son a decent life and education, I must be a good example to him.”  According to Mr. Hardy, Deysi’s Social Studies teacher, Deysi is the kind of student that instills a positive work ethic in everyone around here.  Ms. Carr observed that she doubled up on her work in English to prepare for her SOL exam.  Deysi has begun her preparations for college by getting admitted to Northern Virginia Community College and taking the required placement tests.  What she has learned from her experiences as a student and a mother is that “our dreams do not end when having a baby but only end when we decide to stop them.”  When it comes to achieving her goals, Deysi Rivas is unstoppable.


Studt Family Miguel RamirezMiguel Ramirez has a great recipe for success and I am going to share it with you. First, have the best teachers, and that means all the teachers at Mountain View, second, keep a positive attitude, and third, never give up!

 Miguel has been at Mountain View for six years.  He took 24 classes here.  He did much of this while working full time. Miguel did not know any English when he came to the United States from Guatemala.   Miguel is self- supporting and also helps support his family in Guatemala.  Despite a full time school and a full time work schedule, Miguel never gave up on his studies.  The biggest obstacle he faced was passing the Reading SOL.  It was hard to read 30 minutes every night before he went to bed but he knew the more he read the better he would be prepared for the Reading SOL test.

His counselor, Ms. Fay, describes Miguel with one word, AMAZING!  Ms. Reamer, his ESOL 4 teacher states that Miguel always asked for extra work.  He helps his peers when possible and he never complains.  He is a role model for other students and a true leader in the class. Ms. Carr, Miguel’s English teacher says Miguel completed every assignment she gave him in record time despite working 10 hour shifts at his more than full time job. Miguel hopes to become a certified Automotive Technician.  He has already studied Auto Mechanics for a year at Chantilly Academy.



Wade Jordan Theresa HarnischThe Wade Jordan Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a student that has recently faced a difficult situation in his or her life but has managed to overcome it.  This year the student that is receiving this award fits this description perfectly.  Throughout this year, depression was knocking on Tess Harnisch’s door; however, through her own therapy she found that her healing would come from within herself.  By consoling others, she started to feel hope and satisfaction, and it was just the type of treatment she needed.  In her essay she writes, “Helping others endure their daily conflicts and seeing the light ahead of them was what gave me purpose.”  Throughout this dark experience, she found her calling.  The “Little Therapist,” a nickname given to her by her own therapists, has decided to continue this path of helping others and pursue a degree in Psychology at VCU.  The Wade Jordan Memorial Scholarship is pleased to recognize Theresa Harnisch as this year’s recipient.

Maybelle Recieves The Karen Doss: Family, Love and Respect Award

Karen Doss Mt view Maybelle QuirozIn Maybelle’s scholarship essay she wrote, ‘The moment I placed my navy blue flats onto the floors at Mountain View High School, I felt a sense of acceptance I never experienced in my base school.’  ‘In my life,’ she continued ‘I have experienced a frustrating past of personal setbacks and failures.  However, the friendliness and openness the staff and students contributed to a positive change in my life.”  At Mountain View the experience Maybelle wrote about and that Karen Doss felt is called Family, Love and Respect. It is what prompted my mother/wife to create this scholarship.

 Maybelle continued ‘The beautiful thing about struggling is how we overcome it and prove to be much stronger than we thought.  I believe that the people who go through the most are the ones who turn out to be the strongest and wisest.’  Mr. Hardy, Maybelle’s social studies teacher agrees, “Maybelle has come a long way from her first days in my class.  She is better and stronger for having dealt positively with adversity and personal crisis.  Her maturity and confidence are evident daily.”  This maturity grew in part from that acceptance she felt the first day at Mountain View.  Family, Love, Respect.


Congratulations Maybelle.





One of the themes running through Jada Jones’s scholarship essay was community. Community at Mountain View for Jada meant being a contributing member of the Mountain View Girls Club, and a representative for the Student Congress.  Girls Club gave her the opportunity to listen, be heard and give back.  “Student Congress,” she wrote in her scholarship essay “…makes the community of our school better, because it’s not just about the administration’s opinions…(but) also about what (we can do) to enhance students’ learning.” Her high school years have not been easy, personally or academically, but the community she found here helped her achieve significant growth over the past two years.  One of her teachers describes her as “a fighter, a survivor…strong-willed and persistent…refusing to give up on herself and the life she wants for herself.”   Wade Jordan was a significant part of the community at Mountain View and appreciated students who could acknowledge and benefit from the sense of community at Mountain View.  The Jordan Family is pleased to present Jada with the Wade Jordan Scholarship.