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Centreville Presbyterian Church, recognized as a partner of Mountain View High School in 2014, is passionate about serving others in the community and in the world. They seek to live out their mission of loving Christ, loving people and serving the world through giving of themselves and their resources. The CPC Scholarship honors a recipient who displays a similar caring heart by contributing to the community through volunteer service.

To qualify for a Criteria scholarship, students must meet the criteria or guidelines set by the donor or donors. Sharon Hoover, Director of Missions and Evangelism at Centreville Presbyterian Church, presented the scholarship.

Your actions will have immediate affect. Your gift will help students currently attending Mountain View High School who are soon to be graduating this February or June.

100% of donations received go directly to students.

100% of your donations are tax-deductible. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Madonna Gadelseed received Rotary Herndon CC & the CPC Scholarship

DSC_0110Madonna Gadelseed graduated in the Spring of 2016. Currently, she is continuing her education at the Northern Virginia Community College campus in Manassas, Virginia.

Madonna received two scholarships. The Rotary Club of Herndon gave her $2,000  scholarship, and the Centreville Presbyterian Church Community Service awarded  her a $1,750 scholarship.

With these two scholarships she was able to pursue her interest in bio-science at NOVA. The scholarships covered her first two semesters in college. She is very appreciative of the Mountain View staff and teachers because they gave her hope, and “changed her life completely,” she says. One main person that impacted her life was her guidance counselor, Mr. Todd, who said, “Madonna just had a genuine interest in learning and that’s why she perused the dental program at Chantilly High.  And I believe that’s why she will continue to do well in college.”

Yaw Owusu Recieves The Centreville Presbyterian Church Community Service Scholarship

Centreville Presbyterian Yaw Owusu

Respectful and sincere, honest in academic and social endeavors, a student who teams well and adjusts to changing circumstances, able to accomplish complex tasks with no supervision;  these were just a few of the accolades teachers communicated when writing the recommendations for Yaw Owusu.  Yaw has been involved in community service both at school and in the community through his church.  In his essay he detailed his work with the city of Vienna’s Stop Hunger Now weekend.  He wrote “Though this community service I have learned how forgiveness works, how to do all things through love and how to deal with times when someone has a complaint against me.  Compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, giving freely and loving others are the main lessons of community service, which I believe binds everything together perfectly.”

We couldn’t agree more, Congratulations, Yaw.

2014 Centreville Presbyterian Church Community Service Scholarship Awarded to Karla Bolanos Mejia


The Karla who is making her way to the stage to accept this award is not the same girl who came to Mountain View three years ago. The girl who entered Mountain View was quiet, frustrated, and uninterested in investing much effort in her own education. The young woman graduating in a few days, however, is well-spoken, confident, motivated, hard-working, and generous. You may know these things to be true about Karla as a student. You may also know them to be true about her as an employee, for she has worked consistently during her time here. But you may not know that they are also true about Karla as a volunteer. For the last year, she has volunteered her time, energy, and whole-hearted support to lead a community youth group. She and her partner have worked to provide extremely disadvantaged young people with a safe and positive place to escape discrimination, learn new skills, gather support, and focus on their futures. Karla believes that her kids are destined to become doctors, teachers, and world leaders … with her to lead the way, I am certain that this is true.

Karla was one of the speakers at Mountain View Alternative High School’s June 2014 Graduation.  Hear her tell her story: