Caitlin Schneiderman


Caitlin Schneiderman, Class of 2001

I have such wonderful memories of my days at Mountain View. It was the first time in my life that I felt understood and respected by my teachers. I was finally learning because I was being taught with passion and compassion. I loved Mountain View and Mountain View loved me. I even got to play guitar at my own graduation!

 A few of my classmates and I were encouraged to apply for the scholarship and although it was offered to me, I wanted my friends to have it. For a few of them, it would determine whether they would continue their education, and I had already chosen Shepherd University for my undergraduate studies in poetry and english. 

But it was at Mountain View where I found my first piece of “free poetry” taped to the hallway wall. I eventually decided to turn my love of writing and music into a career. I am currently a self-employed guitar instructor, singer songwriter and performer. Mountain View recently re-opened it’s beautiful, old auditorium doors to me and my photographer to take professional photos for my brand new website! (

I would not have my strong sense of self had it not been for the extraordinary administrators and teachers at Mountain View High School allowing me to be the one who defined that. I am forever grateful to them for this and so much more.