Bridget O’Boyle Receives Centreville Presbyterian Church Community Service Scholarship

Presbyterian Church Scholarship Bridget\

Bridget O’Boyle wrote in her essay, “Throughout my life I have always been involved in volunteering in my community of Reston.  I have volunteered in many different projects.  I have worked in a watershed project where the goal is to keep our lakes and streams clear for wildlife.  I have participated in the Relay for Life, to help raise money for Breast Cancer Research.  I have volunteered as a childcare assistant, a teacher’s assistant and a clerical assistant. Through these various volunteer experiences I have learned leadership skills, flexibility in working with others and the value of service to the community.  Volunteering has allowed me to grow immensely as a person.  I will continue to participate in volunteer opportunities the rest of my life.”

 Bridget is leaving for China right after graduation were she’ll teach English.

 She’ll return in four months in time to start college.

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