Brenda Rivera Receives Woodruff Family Scholarship

woodruff family brenda

Brenda Rivera wrote in her essay, “My emotional state was not the best when I enrolled at Mountain View high school three years ago. I have always loved learning.  I had the initiative to start school but my graduation would not be happening if it were not for the Mountain View high school staff.  Both of my parents had died by the time I was ten.  At the age of 15, I found myself alone in a new country where I did not speak the language.   Although I had wanted to be in school I had to work day and night to support myself.  When I turned 18 I realized I had to enroll in school.  My counselor, social worker and teachers all supported me academically but more importantly they helped me deal with my emotions.  If it were not for their support I would have given up.”

Ms. Fay commented that the combination of Brenda’s motivation, determination, and work ethic enabled her to complete high school and earn a Board of Education Seal of Excellence for her overall 3.850 Grade Point Average.

Mr. Johnson, Brenda’s English 12 teacher, described Brenda as “a goal oriented and self-assured student.  She never lets herself be distracted by others.  She edits and edits her papers until they are perfect.”

Mr. Chinn, Brenda’s Algebra 1 teacher, said, “Brenda never took a day off.  She is self-motivated to achieve at the highest level at all times”.

Brenda is a model student!  Brenda is planning to study Accounting in college and this scholarship will help open the door to Brenda being able to achieve that goal!


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