Norbert Assim Shammo


Insightful, passionate, and caring are the words that teachers use to describe Assim Shammo.  During his childhood in Iraq and Syria, Assim and his family experienced religious and political persecution as members of the Ezidi faith.   After immigrating to the United States in 2010, Assim embraced living in a country where peace and freedom existed and developed a passion for helping other Ezidi affected by political and religious attacks.    In 2014, when 200,000 Ezidis were forced to flee their homes for the Syria/ Iraq border, Assim felt he needed to contribute to their rescue.  Working with the American Ezidi Center, he and his family lobbied Congress and the National Security Advisor’s Office to provide assistance for the people who were stranded on Mount Sinjar.   With knowledge of the terrain of Northern Iraq, Assim helped identify possible drop spots for food and medical supplies.  As a winner of the Student Peace Awards of Fairfax County in March 2015, Assim embodies the true meaning of service and good citizenship.  We know that Assim will use this scholarship to educate himself so he can chart his career in dedication to ensuring tolerance and peace.

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