Karsyn Casey Receives New Directions Scholarship

New Directions Scholarship

In Karsyn’s scholarship essay she explained that a year ago “things started to go downhill pretty quickly.   My attendance became atrocious, and my grades were falling rapidly.  I eventually stopped coming to school.”   With consistent support from the Mountain View staff Karsyn was able to work out some solutions that allowed her to get back to her studies.  Karsyn’s English teachers were impressed with her abilities.  Mrs. Carr describes Karsyn as, “wicked smart and a voracious reader.  She produced beautifully written papers and created thorough, thoughtful book projects.”  Miss Reamer wrote, “Karsyn’s natural intelligence and curiosity helped drive class discussions and her generosity (she often brought a giant bag of Worther’s candy to share with everyone) helped establish a sense of community among her peers.”

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