2014 Centreville Presbyterian Church Community Service Scholarship Awarded to Karla Bolanos Mejia


The Karla who is making her way to the stage to accept this award is not the same girl who came to Mountain View three years ago. The girl who entered Mountain View was quiet, frustrated, and uninterested in investing much effort in her own education. The young woman graduating in a few days, however, is well-spoken, confident, motivated, hard-working, and generous. You may know these things to be true about Karla as a student. You may also know them to be true about her as an employee, for she has worked consistently during her time here. But you may not know that they are also true about Karla as a volunteer. For the last year, she has volunteered her time, energy, and whole-hearted support to lead a community youth group. She and her partner have worked to provide extremely disadvantaged young people with a safe and positive place to escape discrimination, learn new skills, gather support, and focus on their futures. Karla believes that her kids are destined to become doctors, teachers, and world leaders … with her to lead the way, I am certain that this is true.

Karla was one of the speakers at Mountain View Alternative High School’s June 2014 Graduation.  Hear her tell her story:

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